The Indian in the Cupboard

Title: The Indian in the Cupboard

Author: Lynne Reid Banks

240 Pages

Genre: Fantasy

Date read: August 2019 (Seventh Grade)

Synopsis: Omri is thrilled when he gets a plastic, toy Indian for his birthday. He finds out the when he puts it in his cupboard, another of his birthday presents, it turns to life. Now tasked with keeping his Indian alive and a secret, Omri’s life is complicated. His adventures with his Indian will surprise you!!

2 stars

Review: I thought this book was ok. I mainly read it because my mom has been bugging me to read it since it’s a classic. I think it was worth reading, but didn’t live up to the praise she gave it. I would recommend this book to a lower elementary schooler because I think someone who is younger would enjoy the plot more than I did.